RMSA is a pioneer in providing retailers with outsourced solutions for forecasting and planning.  The Company was founded more than 50 years ago and is solely focused on helping retailers improve their financial and operational profile.

The Company is headquartered in Riverside, California, and its Analysts are located in major metropolitan areas across the United States.  We provide services to more than 2000 retail locations in the United States, Canada, and Caribbean.

The fundamental driver of our service is demand forecasting, and these forecasts are built using our proprietary business analytics, algorithms, and databases.  RMSA builds location-specific plans, forecasts, and recommendations based on data collected directly at the store level.  These plans aid the retailer in making decisions on inventory levels, buying, open-to-buy, markdown strategies, and pricing.

Each client has an assigned team from RMSA that assists the retailer in collecting data, analyzing store operations, and making recommendations for improving retail performance.  These team members have deep retail experience and are specialists in using the RMSA system to improve the growth and profitability of our clients.

RMSA provides an outsourced solution for planning and forecasting. There is no large up-front expenditure for new software or systems, and there are no annual technology maintenance or upgrade fees.  Our services are billed monthly and there are no long financial commitments.